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Current Windows Event Forwarder version
The Secure WEF version 5.3-0u0 is included with ConsoleWorks for Linux and Windows
The Secure WEF version 5.1-0u1 is included with ConsoleWorks for Solaris
The Secure WEF version 4.7-0u0 is included with ConsoleWorks for OpenVMS
   The Secure WEF is for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and greater
The original WEF version 4.1-0u1 is included with All platforms of ConsoleWorks
   The original WEF is for Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003

Browser Versions Supported
ConsoleWorks 5.3-0u0 requires Mozilla® Firefox® 45.0 or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11 or later for optimal browser-based operations.
Be sure you and your users clear your browser's cache after upgrading ConsoleWorks

Changes to Failover
There are special considerations for upgrading from versions prior to 4.6-1u0.
Please contact TDi Support before upgrading your ConsoleWorks servers.

Proxy Registration
As of ConsoleWorks 4.6-0u2, customers who previously could only register using the Offline Registration method now have the option to try a Proxy Registration.
See our Knowledge Base article on Registration Changes for more details.

Delay on First Startup
You may notice a delay at first startup of ConsoleWorks. More information can be found on our Knowledge Base.

These kits are also used for ConsoleWorks LE